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Rabu, 24 Desember 2008


Honda Innovation: Producing Motor Racing Bulk For Sale

One large when the Ducati Desmosedici RR is a grand prix motor racing who sold the first mass. Because if it is seen kebelakang that HRC Honda Ducati Conference to do so. But their concept is slightly different, when Ducati common target consumers, considering the engine capacity of motor they offer is no longer diizinakan down in MotoGP but is used freely in the roads, mass production for Honda HRC is to produce a motor racing team was bought by privateer to dive grandprix racing or in a collection of goods, such as not considering the desmo RR motor is not road legal

Weight 103 kg, 135 bhp maximum power, I have 33 units!

NSR 500V has a weight of 103 kg, only slightly more alias of heavy saudanya, Honda Suprafit power do not matter but asked the 135 bhp of the standard settings. Torsi maximum motor is 105nm at 8000 rpm. although terpaut 50-60 hp compared kompatriotnya the motorized v4, this motor can not be deemed frivolous, Tadayuki Okada, Shiniichi Itoh, Alex Barros to Takuma-Haruchika Aoki brothers were also successful in the position of the top ten this motor. Barbeda with a motor that is only loaned V4nya, motor NSR500V indeed intended to be sold. successfully recorded in 33 motor production. Fate aground when regulations change from 500cc to 1000cc in 2006. If lucky owners have guaranteed Desmosedici RR MV Agusta F4cc or guaranteed to you will be envious

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source:honda modification

MotoGP Style Modification of Honda Supra X 125

Here is a modification concept of Honda Supra X 125. I found this in a free wordpress blogg in This could be an alternative for your Honda Supra X 125 modification. It looks so sporty, like a MotoGP motorcycle right?
Don't forget to bore up it's engine to increase it's engine capacity. This macho style should be matched with equal engine power. So, not only it's style but also it's performance also.
source:Honda Modivication

Motor Modification

Blue was the colour that had elegant, and could make this thing to more had the expensive price, to this thing was seen more antique.
Was not far from thinking every the person, must think about like that, causing the Blue colour to become alternative until the choice that was first in modif the motor.
Apparently was seen above with the style sporti and classic, really agreed with the blend of the Croom colour that was covered colour Blue.
Made this motor got that was elegant.
And proved how the Blue colour made still more lives and still more lives again..........
This image has been resized. The original image is sized 1024x768.
source:Motor Modification

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Mantis has to have bikes on the site too!

The Seattle Roadster sported some phenomenal bikes. Take a look at some of the photos that Mantis was able to capture. These bikes scream WOO-HOO! The Felony Flyers are out of Seattle and Speed Motor Sports out of Central Washington. If Mantis left out some of the groups, we apologize.

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source:speed motor sport

Street Glide 2007

BMW Announces Availability HP2 Sport di U.S.A.
MW Announces Availability of the HP2 Sport in the U.S.A.
May 9, 2008 - The BMW HP2 Sport has arrived at U.S. BMW motorcycle retailers. The same high-performance sport bike that Richard Cooper and Brian Parriott rode to fifth and sixth place finishes in last month's Daytona 200 is now available in limited supplies for serious motorcycle enthusiasts. The high-performance (HP) two (2)-cylinder Boxer -- customized to meet the requirements of the ambitious sport rider -- has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $25,375 (excluding taxes, license, options, and handling charge).

The sportiest, most powerful and lightest Boxer ever manufactured, the HP2 Sport features numerous exclusive details, previously restricted to racing, that were never before seen in series production vehicles. Technology such as the self-supporting and aerodynamically optimized fairings made completely of carbon fiber, the quick shifter, a dashboard similar to that used in the MotoGP, the forged aluminum wheels and brakes with radially bolted calipers make the HP2 unmistakably athletic on both country roads or the racing circuit.

The most striking difference between the BMW HP2 Sport from the earlier endurance racing Boxer is the brand new cylinder heads: each of the double overhead camshafts (DOHC) uses a drag lever to actuate the valves that are larger than those on the BMW R 1200 S.

Further modifications, such as the flow-optimized intake and outlet, new forged pistons and adapted connecting rod, help the engine to achieve the necessary higher output compared to the basic engine. A new stainless steel exhaust system is placed below the engine for the first time, keeping the lower area of the motorcycle extremely slim for greater freedom of movement for a "hanging off" riding position.

Although designed for racing prowess, the BMW HP2 Sport does not forego the safety benefits of ABS. A sophisticated anti-blocking system, specially adapted to the HP2 Sport, is available as an option and is configured so that it can be deactivated for the racetrack.

Following the BMW Motorrad Motorsport design, the HP2 Sport features white lacquering on the windshield, rear, mudguard and side cover. The engine spoiler carries the two-tone "HP2" lettering; and the lattice frame and wheels are lacquered in the BMW Motorrad color of Motorsport Blue.

BMW Announces Pricing for the HP2 Sport
February 9, 2008 - Boxer fans, reach for your checkbooks! The BMW HP2 Sport, arriving soon at US BMW motorcycle retailers, will have a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $25,375 (excluding taxes, license, options, and handling charge) and a destination charge of $495.

The high-performance (HP) two (2)-cylinder Boxer is the third motorcycle in the HP model range customized to meet the requirements of the ambitious sport rider.

The sportiest, most powerful and lightest Boxer ever manufactured, the HP2 Sport follows in the footsteps of the BMW HP2 Enduro and the HP2 Megamoto. It features numerous exclusive details, previously restricted to racing, that were never before seen in series production BMWs.
source: BMW Sport

Black Edition

If you became a secretary of the association's race why does not contact us today and offered your member the opportunity to cause the professional picture to be taken by them in the field of the race.
Typically sport ran the match day and the machine race that was covered was: British Super- Bike Championship, super-sport and the super-Share Race, struck the Race, motocross the incident, Isle of Man TT Races and even more.
The comparison printed usually was provided A4 the measurement but we could produce the photograph until 30"x20 the measurement of the poster.
The dispute and the Jpeg comparison that were suitable for sport or the announcement of the newspaper of the magazine machine.
Wallpaper and the BSB comparison free.
The service, the reprint and the enlargement processed and scrutinised digital was full.
The commercial work and the promotion were carried out.
For the level of the tone was full commercial motorsport offered the service saw

Rossi Season

The motto of GP Japan :Setelah Rossi the Motor Test 2008

Motegi - A Hari after the failure in the Motto of GP Japan, Fiat Yamaha at once spread out preparations during the front season.
The new motor during 2008 then diujicoba by Valentino Rossi.
Yamaha did not want to sink too long mourned the failure two successive seasons took Rossi to the world champion.
In the circuit Motegi on Monday (24/9/2007) local time, Yamaha issued the prototype of the motor that will be used by them during the season 2008.
Reported by Motorcyclenews, on Tuesday (25/9/2007), tunggangan just belonging to Yamaha had the chassis that fully just also the swing arm and body the motor.
For the length of last Monday Rossi tested two motors with spesifiksi that was different, but was afterwards known if the motor with the valve pneumatic (water control) during the season 2008 still in the development and not yet including that diujicoba.
Yamaha that was left very far compared to Ducati this season appeared serious developed the motor during the front season.
Rossi also could test with the motor that was used by him this season


Start the existence of the motor have a speed high that is broadcasted directly from the television station, with the form of the motor race in part motogp, from the Daegiro Kato time to Valentino Rossi, make the community become mad because terobsesi by them, especially biker-biker the motor in the world.
The effect from all that make biker terobsesi make and drive the motor that can run fast than his original standard motor.
Like the appearance of the motor above that have the speed that not naturally, the results motor modif above am results modif that is perfect, in see from Bodi that sporti and have the speed that is not doubted again.

The time increasingly advances, already many motors from beginning 2tak to 4tak. every year changing regeneration continually happen.
However we must conserve and cultivate the motor in ancient, by means of the modification of this motor.
The motor above am the shape of the existence of the interest biker to not forget the ancient motor, I will also conserve him..... live of the extent MOTOR..........

MotoGP 2007 season Rossi


MotoGP 2007 season had been end with Stoner as the winner followed by Pedrosa and Rossi. For you, Rossi's fans, the last race might be very disappointing. Rossi should lose his second position only in the 3 last laps. Well,.. just forget it. Next year Rossi will perform much better, don't worry! I fan him so much! :D. Want to know more about his bike? Here is YamahaYZR-M1!

Yamaha Jupiter Z Modification

Yamaha Jupiter Z Modification by Automotive Motor Modifikasi Jambi (AM2J)
Yamaha Jupiter Z Modification
The Yamaha Jupiter Z modification this time came from Jambi, to be precise from children Automotive Motor Modifikasi Jambi (AM2J).
It was Havis Rasidin, that apart from playing with tachometer currently he is determined to install many of King's carburettor in Jupee him, 8 in left and 8 more in right.
Not only that, in the middle of him added again the tube and the car carburettor.

Reynolds Motorsports

Reynolds Motorsports has Maine's most complete inventory of motorcycles, sport bikes, ATV's, personal watercraft and more. We're proud to be Maine's premier dealership for Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Bombardier and Eton brands. Whether you're looking for a serious street bike, a weekend pleasure machine, or a rugged off-road workhorse, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right vehicle at the right price. Cruise into our showroom and browse the more than 300 models in stock.


Seymour's Motorized Sports has been serving the Capital District Area since 1950. Family owned and operated for over 56 years, we are the Tri-City areas Oldest and Largest Suzuki Dealer. We service and sell Suzuki Motorcycles and Suzuki ATV's, Skidoo Snowmobiles, Seadoo Watercraft, and our newest line-up of Can-Am ATV's and Can-Am SPYDER'S. Check out our used vehicle inventory, too! In addition, we have in stock or can get a large selection of Parts and Accessories for your vehicle. Now you can shop our Online Store from the comfort of your own home! Try it today! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff of sales, service and parts professionals are ready to help you. Stop in or call us today at 518-785-1004. Or,you can email us at

2006 YAMAHA MT-0

2006 YAMAHA MT-01
PRICE: $13,449.00
Click for details

"SALE"SALE"SALE"SALE"ONLY $288 per Month Zero Deposit! The MT-01 is the bike that started the Torque Sports revolution. Maximum torque is unleashed at a mere 3750 rpms. The MT-01's soul stirring torque is guaranteed to put a smile on your face while the agile sports chassis offers its rider all the exhilaration of a pure supersport machine. At Yamaha we recognize that as many sport riders mature ...

Desain Grafis Indonesia

ring a designsouvenir™ back from sydney!
as part of the cultural program of the 12th international design festival sydney (8-24, august, 2008),
designboom will host a group exhibition of international design professionals from around the world.
the designboom mart will take place at the city’s powerhouse museum from 14 -17 august, 2008.
for the first time in australia, designboom [...]



Untuk bulan Mei yang akan datang, Samsung berencana untuk memperkenalkan beberapa handphone terbarunya. Dengan variasi model dan keunggulan dari handphone-hadnphone ini, Samsung yakin mereka bisa memenuhi kebutuhan dan gaya hidup konsumer-konsumernya.

Samsung Electronics menyiapkan 18 model ponsel selama 2008. Perusahaan asal Korea Selatan itu menargetkan penjualan 200 juta unit ponsel di seluruh dunia.

Pada 2007 lalu, Samsung menempati posisi kedua pasar ponsel dunia menggeser posisi Motorola. Hal itu dicapai dengan penjualan lebih dari 160 juta unit dan mencatat pertumbuhan sebesar 42 persen.

Untuk tahun 2008, Samsung menargetkan bisa meraih penjualan 200 juta unit ponsel. Oleh karena itu selain meluncurkan 18 model ponsel, Samsung sekaligus merapikan segmentasi produknya.

Agus Sugiharto, Marketing Manager Mobile Communication Division Samsung Electronics Indonesia, mengatakan dengan strategi baru ini pemetaan pemasaran Samsung akan menjadi jelas. "Kami jadi tahu pasar mana yang akan dibidik, dan kelemahan kami akan menjadi lebih jelas," ujarnya di Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta, Selasa (15/4/2008).

Strategi sebelumnya, Samsung mengeluarkan produk berdasarkan fitur. Nah, kali ini menurut Agus Samsung membuat enam kategori khusus yaitu: style, multimedia, infotainment, bisnis, connected dan essential. Pembagian tersebut dilakukan berdasarkan survey terhadap 20.000 pelanggan yang tersebar di lima benua dan 23 negara, termasuk Indonesia.

Menurut Hee-Hong Park, Managing Director Samsung Electronics Indonesia, dalam waktu tiga tahun Samsung akan menjadi produsen ponsel nomor satu di dunia. "Kami optimistis, apalagi dengan kepemimpinan presiden baru di divisi mobile Samsung yang berpengalaman membawa divisi televisi menjadi nomor satu," ujarnya.

Model terbaru ini dibagi menjadi enam kategori mulai dari gaya, multimedia, infotainment, bisnis, sosial, dan esensial. Enam model ini dirancang berdasarkan riset ekstensif terhadap gaya hidup, kebutuhan, dan desain favorit dari dua puluh ribu konsumer Samsung di lima benua dan dua puluh lima negara.

Selain itu, Samsung juga telah mengembangkan handphone tipe touch screen dengan fungsi-fungsi prima. Handphone ini adalah SGH-F480 yang dipersenjatai dengan LCD touch screen 2.8”, kamera 5 mega pixel, radio FM, HSDPA, dan juga mobile blogging.

Berikut ini adalah keenam model handphone yang akan Samsung perkenalkan pada pasar Asia Tenggara di bulan Mei.

• Samsung Soul (Gaya): Sebagai tambahan terakhir untuk edisi Samsung Ultra, Samsung Soul merupakan paduan desain dan fitur-fitur canggih seperti konektifitas HSDPA dan kamera 5 mega pixel pada handphone setebal 12.99mm.

• SGH-F400 (Multimedia): Handphone multimedia Samsung SGH-F400 menawarkan kualitas suara yang superior dengan amplifier ICEpower® digital yang merupakan teknologi terbaik dari Bang & Olufsen. Selain itu, speaker Samsung SGF-F400 juga manghasilkan suara hi-fi yang kuat dan jernih di bawah dual-slidernya yang unik.

• SGH-G810 (Infotainment): Mengkombinasikan performa dan entertainmen, SGH-G810 dipersenjatai dengan kamera 5mega pixel dan sistem operasi Symbian v9.2. SGH-G810 menyertakan fitur berupa koneksi WiFi, navigasi GPS, dan geotagging.Selain itu, SGH-G810 menyertakan software Google search, Google Map, dan Gmail.

• SGH-i780 (Bisnis): Smartphone Samsung SGH-i780 dipersenjatai fitur keyboard QWERTY dan touch screen. Selain itu, smartphone ini juga menggunakan sistem operasi Window Mobile 6.0 dengan kemampuan push email dan GPS. SGH-i780 juga dilengkapi joystick optikal, kamera 2 mega pixel, dan teknologi HSDPA.

• SGH-M620 (Sosial): Samsung SGH-M620 dipersenjatai dengan layar LCD TFT sebesar 1.9 inchi. Untuk produk ini, Samsung menawarkan fungsi kamera dan perekaman video, radio FM, serta music player. Untuk mendukung fungsi-fungsi ini, SGH-M620 mengsupport 2GB Micro SD.

• SGH-B200 (Esensial): Samsung SGH-B200 menawarkan fasilitas untuk merekam siaran radio FM yang lalu bisa digunakan sebagai ringtone. Model ini juga memiliki fitur mobile tracker yang unik yang memungkinkan pemiliknya melacak keberadaan handphone yang hilang atau dicuri.

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Sony Ericsson Cybershot C702

Sony Ericsson Cybershot C702 new model handphone going to launch at...

Yesterday I send an email to Singapore Sony Ericsson helpdesk and ask them when the Sony Ericsson Cybershot C702 new model handphone will going to launch. So today when I open my gmail and got their replied mail.

This is what they replied me:
"Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson Customer Support (Singapore).
With regards to your inquiry, We are happy to inform you that it is estimated to be released in Singapore in the month of July of the year.
The exact date has not been confirmed, but you may check out our Ad placements in the newspapers.
Last but not least, we thank you for your great interest towards Sony Ericsson products."

So get ready your money for the upcoming Sony Ericsson new Cybershot C series model handphone which is C702 and C902. I think I will prefer the C702 cause I like the design of the button and also the megabass and play now music function which included in the Cybershot series. I think the estimation price from Internet, the C702 will sell in $500sgd-600sgd price range.

Model Handphone

Model Handphone

* Fiona Sit admitted she does not change her love easily
She wore a mini skirt revealing her long legs and catwalked with 2 other male models, displaying Nokia?s new products. After the catwalk, Fiona was asked by the MC whether she prefers her boyfriend using a business model handphone or a ...
* Sony Ericsson Cybershot C702 new model handphone going to launch at...
Yesterday I send an email to Singapore Sony Ericsson helpdesk and ask them when the Sony Ericsson Cybershot C702 new model handphone will going to launch. So today when I open my gmail and got their replied mail. ...
* today got lots and lots of things happen siiaxx.. haiixx.. so long ...
... nothing at all lohzz.. zzz.. haiixx.. she so unhappy and sad.. than after that another case is Atiqah.. she lost her handphone which her father bought it for her!!! that cost $6hundered plus!!!! is the same handphone model as mine. ...
* nokialover @ 2008-07-02T12:06:00
Yes, but this button doesnt work with some models of handphones (don't ask me which ones either, cuz the supplier doesnt know either) but in the case the answer button doesnt work, just press the handphone answer button can already. ...
* Re: [apple-iphone] AT&T is INSANE!!!
"subsidy" model is that it starts bringing them back into the picture and that is a BAD thing. They don't like the idea but the telecomms need to be just the carrier and let the consumer purchase compatible hardware ...


San Antorium

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

San Antorium was Lowlife's fourth album, released in 1991 in Scotland on Nightshift Records. The LP was recorded at Tower Studios in Glasgow, Scotland. Personnel changes prior to the album's recording involved the near-simultaneous departures of guitarist Hamish McIntosh and drummer Grant McDowall, who were replaced by Hugh Duggie and Greg Orr, respectively. Orr's role was somewhat limited as several of the tracks employed drum programming and/or drum loops. LTM reissued much of the band's entire back catalogue on CD in 2006, and San Antorium was released with five bonus tracks taken from the band's "Black Sessions" demo album.


Sony Ericsson G900
Sony Ericsson has added a new line, the G series, which starts with the Symbian UIQ based G900, a candybar handset sporting a 2.4" QVGA touchscreen, along with 160MB of internal memory and a Memory Stick Micro (M2) card slot.
Nokia 6220 Classic
At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia introduced the Nokia 6220 classic, a full-featured device that combines a 5 megapixel camera with A-GPS functionality to give new meaning to the phrase "to share".
Nokia 1209
Nokia 1209 specs include dual band EGSM 900/1800 connectivity, built-in flashlight, dust resistant keypad, Series 30 OS, 96×68 CSTN 65K color display, battery with up to 365 hrs of standby and 7hrs talk time, dimensions of 102×44.1×17.5mm, weight 78.95g.
Nokia 7310 Supernova
Nokia 7310 Supernova has Quad-band GSM support and will run on the S40 user interface. The Nokia 7310 Supernova will be targeted at markets such as Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.
Nokia N78
The Nokia N78 packs a powerful range of technologies, including integrated A-GPS, with free Nokia Maps, WLAN and high-speed HSPDA 3G connectivity, a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics , and support for microSD memory card
Samsung G810
Samsung G810 cameraphone is a quad-band , 3G enabled support with HSDPA 3.6Mbps support.It runs on SymbianOS v9.2 Series 60 3rd Edition platform and comes with ample 2.6" TFT QVGA display.It has a WiFi connectivity and also built-in GPS receiver.

Desain grafis

Desain grafis adalah suatu bentuk komunikasi visual yang menggunakan teks dan atau gambar untuk menyampaikan informasi atau pesan. Seni desain grafis mencakup kemampuan kognitif dan keterampilan termasuk tipografi, pengolahan gambar, dan page layout. Desainer grafis menata tampilan huruf dan ruang komposisi untuk menciptakan sebuah rancangan yang efektif dan komunikatif. Desain grafis melingkupi segala bidang yang membutuhkan penerjemahan bahasa verbal menjadi perancangan secara visual terhadap teks dan gambar pada berbagai media publikasi guna menyampaikan pesan-pesan kepada komunikan seefektif mungkin.

Desain grafis diterapkan dalam desain komunikasi dan fine art. Seperti jenis komunikasi lainnya, desain grafis dapat merujuk kepada proses pembuatan (mendesain) atau pun produk yang dihasilkan (desain/rancangan). Desain grafis pada awalnya diterapkan untuk media-media statis, seperti buku, majalah, dan brosur. Sebagai tambahan, sejalan dengan perkembangan zaman, desain grafis juga diterapkan dalam media elektronik - yang sering kali disebut sebagai "desain interaktif" (interactive design), atau "desain multimedia" (multimedia design')

Military motorcycle group takes pride in staying alive

LAS CRUCES — Too many members of the military have returned from combat only to die on their motorcycles.

White Sands Missile Range's "Wolf Pack" riding club aims to change that.

"We've got soldiers overseas coming back with a pocketful of money," said retired Army Sgt. 1st Class Sammie Hubbard, motorcycle safety program manager at WSMR. "This is prime riding weather. They're going to go out and buy the biggest, baddest motorcycle they can get ... Out of a unit of 4,000 soldiers, 1,000 are normally going to be motorcycle riders."

Navy Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Nick Walker, 23, got back from Iraq in January and has already put 4,500 miles on his 2006 Yamaha R6 Anniversary Edition. He said the allure of motorcycles among veterans is simple: one easy purchase fulfills a need for thrills.

"You've got money," Walker said. "When you're over there, most guys are single, so they've got nothing to spend money on. The biggest issue is, you survive combat and think you're bulletproof. You lose that adrenaline rush."

Penske Automotive story

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - In a July 1 story about Penske Automotive Group Inc. buying a 9 percent limited partnership interest in Penske Truck Leasing Co. LP, The Associated Press erroneously reported when Penske Automotive announced the stake purchase. Penske Automotive made the announcement on Tuesday, not Monday. Top of page

Saad Buzwair Automotive (SBA) expands the Volkswagen business in Qatar

Saad Buzwair Automotive (SBA), the official distributors of Volkswagen in Qatar is strengthening the Volkswagen brand in the market by introducing a wider variety and more diverse product portfolio which suits all age groups and lifestyles, from the sporty Golf GTI and iconic Beetle to the family saloon car, the Passat and Jetta, to the elegant coupe-convertible, the Eos, the luxurious Phaeton, the premium SUV, the Touareg and recently the new compact SUV, the Tiguan. In addition to this SBA will also be launching a new and expanded Volkswagen showroom due to open later this year, which will cover an area of 1000 square meters that will display all of the Volkswagen models.

In line with this expansion, SBA has announced the appointment of Mr. Raed Muti as the new General Manager of the Volkswagen brand who will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business. With over 15 years experience in the automotive industry, Mr. Muti, a mechanical engineer graduate from the University of Southern California, has held several managerial positions across a variety of automotive brands, with a special focus on the Middle East market. During this time he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and a profound understanding of the evolving and growing automotive industry in the region.

In his new position, Mr. Muti aims to raise awareness of the Volkswagen brand and their growing product portfolio whilst ensuring the highest delivery of service is provided to customers. One of Mr. Muti’s main objectives over the next six months will be to expand their team of experienced resources in line with strengthening the after sales and the opening of the Volkswagen showroom later this year.

Commenting on his new role, Mr. Muti said: "It is an exciting challenge for me to take on this new position as the General Manager of the Volkswagen brand at SBA. This is a great time for me to join the team at SBA and help generate further growth and increase market share for Volkswagen in Qatar. With the team’s support, I plan to use my knowledge and experience to maximize business revenue within the region through our pool of resources, our new and expanded showroom as well as boost sales of our diverse product portfolio.”

PureDealer, Automotive SEO Specialists, announce complete search solutions PDF Print E-mail

A motorcycle rider is in the hospital after hitting a deer early this morning in south Sedgwick County.

It happened shortly before 6 a.m. at the intersection of 71st St. S. and 55th St. W., just west of Haysville.

The motorcycle rider was traveling at a fairly high rate of speed when she hit the deer. The impact caused the rider to roll 30 to 40 feet. She was wearing a helmet.

The rider was originally diagnosed in serious condition, but was downgraded to critical on the way to the hospital after she started having seizures.

Stay with for updates to this story.

Automotive SEO Specialists

PureDealer, Automotive SEO Specialists, announce complete search solutions PDF Print E-mail
Michael Sweigart, President of PureDealer, announced today that several new automotive dealers have signed up for their automotive SEO services. PureDealer’s automotive marketing system offers automotive search engine optimization (SEO), automotive search engine marketing (SEM), Microsite and landing page development, and electronic press release services (ePR) for automotive dealers across the US.

PureDealer clients are leaders in the automotive market and have chosen PureDealer because of their effective search optimization for other dealers. PureDealer has led the automotive SEO market and has enabled their clients to get more search listings, organic search optimization, and lead generation.

Michael Sweigart, CEO adds “We are very excited to offer the most effective automotive SEO systems on the planet. We combine SEO, SEM, and PPC campaigns with automotive blog marketing, social networking, and electronic press releases to create the most effective, trackable, long term car dealer search marketing solutions on the planet. Our automotive search campaigns are so effective; you are probably reading this because you found us on the first page of Google. If your automotive search marketing provider cannot get themselves listed on the first page of Google, then you should choose a car dealer marketing company with proven success”

Kongsberg Automotive Holding ASA - Kongsberg Automotive Made The Cut

Kongsberg Automotive Holding ASA - Kongsberg Automotive Made The Cut

Kongsberg Automotive Holding ASA Kongsberg Automotive has been awarded a contract from Club Car, a top rated golf car manufacturer in the US.

The contract covers delivery of pedal systems and cables for the Precedent Golf Car. Club Car is the world's leader in golf vehicle production for both Gas and Electric vehicles, as well as the largest electric vehicle producer in the world.

The new pedal system from Kongsberg Automotive is engineered to give golfers a smooth and safe driving experience, featuring a combination of innovative design and advanced assembly techniques. The product launch enhances Club Car's Precedent Q2 launch which has incorporated several product improvements to the overall golf car. Production is planned to begin this summer.

"The Club Car Precedent is well-known to golfers around the world", says Jim Ryan, President for Power Products Systems at Kongsberg Automotive. "The car is famous for its performance, comfort and elegance. With this contract, we prove once again that we are able to serve the high demands of a strong global brand. Market insight, customer proximity, innovation and internal efficiency are the key, he concludes.

Motorcycle Thefts Rise

Motorcycle Thefts Rise

NEWINGTON — - Local police are warning motorcycle owners that the town is experiencing a sudden spike in motorcycle thefts.

Seven motorcycles have been stolen since April, but four have been taken within the past week, Lt. William Darby said Wednesday. Several have been stolen from parking lots and home driveways in different areas of town.

Tips on buying and driving a motorcycle or scooter

Tips on buying and driving a motorcycle or scooter

Motorcycle Anxious to reduce your fuel costs and looking to a motorcycle or scooter? If you can accept the significant safety risks, but are not sure where to start, here are some tips to aid your purchase and use.

  • Do I need a license? Motorcyclists usually require a special license. Check with your local DMV to determine operator age or engine size restrictions. In some states, a scooter that displaces less than 50cc requires only a vehicle license to operate, not a motorcycle license. New York State for example, requires a special license when the top speed of the scooter or motorcycle goes above 30 mph. Below that, you don’t need a special license, but there are limitations on where it can be operated. Vehicles that go below 30 mph need to stay in the right lane or shoulder. Other states require completion of a motorcycle training course. Check with your local DMV as the laws vary based on the state in which you live.

  • How to learn to ride? A training class for motorcycles or scooters is highly recommended, especially for first-time riders. Beyond learning balance, the use of throttle, brakes, and cornering are all very different from driving an automobile. Professional instructors can teach proper, safe riding techniques, explaining such things as how to ride in a lane and how to remain visible to other vehicles.

  • What about insurance? You need insurance to drive a motorcycle or scooter, and it’s less expensive than insuring a car. You can start by checking with your current vehicle insurer to see if they offer insurance. You must register the vehicle with the DMV, as well.

  • Is a helmet required? Helmet laws vary in each state. Currently, only 20 states require one for everyone, but other states require them by age. Your local DMV will be able to help. Consumer Reports recommends full-face helmet use for everyone. Head injury is the leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes. In 2006, 41 percent of motorcycle deaths were from those not wearing a helmet. When purchasing a helmet, look for ones that are compliant with the Department of Transportation standards (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218).

  • What gear is important? In addition to buying the bike/scooter, you need to determine what gear is necessary. Besides a helmet, a face shield will help protect you against the elements (which can include dust, wind, rain, pebbles, and bugs). Glasses or goggles are not as effective as a full-face shield. Motorcycle-specific jackets, pants, boots, and gloves are also necessary to protect you in the event of a crash and from the heat, cold, debris, or mechanical elements on the bike. Bright colors can help make you more visible. Investing in proper motorcycle gear can provide significant protection, particularly from road rash, over regular street clothes.

  • Consider parking. Before you purchase that motor bike for your commute, consider where you will park. In most cities, you can park on the street like cars, but there is the risk of the vehicle being knocked over or vandalized. You may also get a ticket if you try to park in between designated spaces. In the city of Chicago, for example, motorcycles and scooters must be parked perpendicular to the street. Check with your local town/city for the guidelines. If you decide you want to be safe and park at a garage or lot, make sure that the garage allows them and check the fees—they may be the same as passenger cars.

  • If you have any other tips to share on motorcycles and scooters, please post in the comments below or visit our forum to discuss two-wheelers with other consumers.