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Rabu, 24 Desember 2008


Honda Innovation: Producing Motor Racing Bulk For Sale

One large when the Ducati Desmosedici RR is a grand prix motor racing who sold the first mass. Because if it is seen kebelakang that HRC Honda Ducati Conference to do so. But their concept is slightly different, when Ducati common target consumers, considering the engine capacity of motor they offer is no longer diizinakan down in MotoGP but is used freely in the roads, mass production for Honda HRC is to produce a motor racing team was bought by privateer to dive grandprix racing or in a collection of goods, such as not considering the desmo RR motor is not road legal

Weight 103 kg, 135 bhp maximum power, I have 33 units!

NSR 500V has a weight of 103 kg, only slightly more alias of heavy saudanya, Honda Suprafit power do not matter but asked the 135 bhp of the standard settings. Torsi maximum motor is 105nm at 8000 rpm. although terpaut 50-60 hp compared kompatriotnya the motorized v4, this motor can not be deemed frivolous, Tadayuki Okada, Shiniichi Itoh, Alex Barros to Takuma-Haruchika Aoki brothers were also successful in the position of the top ten this motor. Barbeda with a motor that is only loaned V4nya, motor NSR500V indeed intended to be sold. successfully recorded in 33 motor production. Fate aground when regulations change from 500cc to 1000cc in 2006. If lucky owners have guaranteed Desmosedici RR MV Agusta F4cc or guaranteed to you will be envious