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Biker, Motorcycles, and Alcohol

In the last twenty years, the legal system has created serious consequences for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol. However, the idea of driving a motorcycle under the influence is even more dangerous for a number of reasons.

First, it's more deadly. Riders do not have the advantage and security of a metal cage a vehicle offers in the event of a crash. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2003), motorcyclists are about 26 times as likely to die in a traffic accident. It's clear why, it's the reason you love to ride, no restriction, open road. But it's also no air bags, no safety features, and open concrete with vehicles all around you.Second, motorcyclists were more likely to be intoxicated than any other driver, the highest of any type of vehicle. Motorcyclists had the highest rate of alcohol use among all vehicle types in crashes, motorcycles counting 37 percent, next to passenger cars at 27 percent, and sport utility vehicles at 27 percent.Lastly, operating a motorcycle requires much more coordination than driving a passenger vehicle. Your reflexes are slowed, your vision is impaired, and you are less coordinated.

For all of the efforts of law enforcement, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and motorcycle groups themselves to lower the incidence of riding while under the influence, the amount of motorcyclist fatalities rose from 1998 to 2000, after it had been declining from 1993 to 1997.

Additional efforts are being made to reduce the number of accidents related to riding and alcohol use. This includes making people aware of the risks and having them take responsibility for themselves and others on the road.

Keep Wear The Gear and Safety Riding My Brother!!!

Motorcycle Gear For Women

Motorcycle Gear for Women

Although you may not see many women riding motorcycles, they do and they want to look good while doing it. What are some tips that women riders should follow when they're looking for their Linkmotorcycle style? Remember, women in general do not try to look as rough and dirty as men, and they want to show off their body. At the same time, there are considerations of motorcycle safety as well.

Tip number one

Find a style that you like. When you first walk into a motorcycle gear shop, you may see many designs and different color. It may seem overwhelming but it's not as hard as you think. Usually a motorcycle gear shops are divided into the different categories of men and women. So all you have to do is find the women's section and look there. If you've never bought any motorcycle gear before, you probably don't have anything yet. This is a great starting point because you will be able to start from scratch and not have to worry about matching anything else you may own.

Tip number two

Keep with the motorcycle tradition. Motorcycle gear is typically made up of leather so you find that most of the gear is made of that. Other kinds of fabric are becoming popular with motorcycle gear shops as well. So you may have a wide range of products to choose from when you go to the motorcycle gear shop. Motorcycle tradition is all about the leather jacket, so when you find this all you have to do is match the rest of your outfit to your jacket.

Tip number three

Take your time. When you get to the motorcycle gear shop, you may be tempted to breeze through it as quickly as you can. This isn't what you should do because you want to take in all the different types of clothing that they have. So make sure that you have the time to really look at what they have and maybe even try on some pieces. That way you'll know that when you find a special piece it's perfect for you.

Women shouldn't be afraid to ride motorcycles and to find their motorcycle gear. It can be a fun experience as well as something that may define who you are as a person. You may not even realize it until you get on that motorcycle for the very first time. So make sure you have the right motorcycle gear to feel safe and comfortable on your first motorcycle ride.

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Abstract: Motorcycle leathers are an important part of a motorcycles gear collection. While you are shopping, it can be important to take several factors into consideration.

Motorcycle Gear Leathers And What You Need To Know

Motorcycle leathers are probably the most important part of your gear; they offer protection for your body as well as adding style to your motorcycle ride. The trick is finding the one that's right for you.

What kind of leathers are there

There are many kinds of leather items you can purchase; you just may not know what one you need. These products can be anything from leather gloves to leather pants and boots. If you had don't have any leather items already, you really do have a free range on what styles and products you can get. This is because you don't have to worry about what you already have, you can just get the ones that you like and match it up later.

Leather styles

There are many kinds of leather styles but you can pick from. These may be because of different colors or that differ ways that they look. Some may have designs carved into them; others may have patches attached or designs sewed into them. Depending on what leather item you're looking for, you may find many different designs that you'll have to pick from. Take some time and look in all the different designs that way you'll know when you found the perfect design for you.


While leather is a great accessory for your motorcycle gear, you should also take into consideration your comfort. You don't want to be on the road and not feel comfortable on your motorcycle. So when you're in the motorcycle gear shop looking at leather, make sure you have the time to try it on. This way you'll know that it's still comfortable while looking good. If you don't have time to try it on you may be taking a chance that it doesn't fit right.

There are many things that you may want to consider when you're choosing your perfect leathers, but if you take the time and really look. You'll find great products in your motorcycle gear shop that fit your needs. You may even find gear that is close to your personality into personal style. You do want to make a statement when you're going down the road and your motorcycle gear leather is a perfect way to do that. Show what a waiting for, get down to that motorcycle gear shop and find some great leather.

Style in Motocross Gear Style

Motocross GearWhen dirt bike racing was in it’s infancy riders wore whatever was available to protect themselves. Open faced helmets, Jofa pants, leather protection… as the protective equipment was not specifically made for dirt bike racing, riders looked more like confused hockey playing bikies than dirt bike racers!

As the sport (best sport in the world mind you :) became more popular, the growth was then able to sustain ‘parallel’ or complimentary manufacturing industries. Companies like JT USA, Sinisalo etc. could now focus primarily on making only motocross gear.

More money was now being pushed into research and development of motocross gear, sponsorship of riders and marketing programs. More emphasis was being placed on style so colour was added to gear to match dirt bike colourings or just to be outrageous and different. Pink was big mid eighties (I did not say it was always in good taste).

Motocross GearBody armour moved to be worn over the top of race jerseys therefore they became more stylised to appeal to users. In itself becoming a fashion statement, but was researched and tested to also be practical and offer maximum comfort. Today’s body armour has ‘floating’ shoulder cups as well as flexible back and side panels to cater for both sitting and standing positions when riding. Can come in a range of colour options including clear as well as built in kidney belts on some models.

Race pants received there own special treatment made out of heavy duty nylon with doubled stitching, extra room in the butt to cater for the crouched/sitting riding position as well as cordura, kevlar and leather panels in high wear areas such as the seat and knees. Spandex panels are used to allow for movement where necessary. A quality race pant will offer extra room in the knee area to allow for knee braces that more and more riders are wearing.

Jersey material went from cotton to sweat/moisture wicking polyester/cotton blends to offer greater comfort for prolonged periods of riding. Vented panels were placed in ‘hot spots’ and even little touches like rubber strips in the tail to hold them into the race pants on even the roughest ride.

Boots were being designed to deal with high impact landings and ultimate ankle protection. Replaceable soles and buckles prolonging their use. They are now carefully constructed to avoid the damaging lateral and hyperextension movements around the ankle area.

Dirtbike gloves – choose them wisely and make sure they fit correctly. Some gloves are better suited to certain types of riding than others. Motocross gloves offer better feel for the rider with less padding in the palms. Enduro gloves can be the opposite with more padding to give greater comfort for longer rides.

Motocross GearElbow protection can be found in a “sleeve” that also covers the forearms. Knee/shin guards are lighter as well as stronger and some hinder ‘lateral’ movement of the knee (gone are the days of using skateboarders protection). Although with the onset of lightweight, composite materials it is possible to have the ultimate in protection with knee braces.

All this protection would mean nothing if you cannot see. So it is very VERY important to properly protect one of your greatest assets (as well as one of the five senses) in your sight. Different goggle manufacturers have their own registered names for their lenses, but they basically mean the same thing – scratch resistant, shatterproof protection for your eyes.

So next time you go for a dirtbike ride, dress in the latest motocross gear and be comforted in the knowledge that you have minimized risk to your body as much as possible. That will allow you to focus on what you are there for… enjoying the ride!

Motocross closeout gear

 Motocross closeout gear

Bargain motocross riding gear and clothes can be found in discount sales within online stores. You should also be able to buy, motocross safety gear and motocross gear womens apparel too. However keep in mind motocross closeout gear sizes and be sure these cheap motocross gear items will still fit you comfortably whatever the price.

Motocross riding gear and clothes

motocross safety gear

Before we left, we took a final look at a FLY "Air-Strike" Rock Deflector between the prices of $54.95 - $62.95. Bike dirt gear safety is important and protection is critical. This item has a DGP polymer construction, a smaller front panel for more mobility (ideal for those tight track corners). Easy removable padded foam for easy cleaning, better air-flow and adjustable shoulders, a great piece of cheap motocross gear.

Ebay was our next port of call, where we wanted to find some low-cost dirt bike gear for youth riders and quality protection for mx dirt bikes. We did see a pair of Thor Hero Goggles (downhill XC 4x dirt jump), for £30. They have a custom painted frame with superb dirt bike graphic images.

A woven strap with silicone backing, a three layered molded face foam insert within a drilled frame that helps circulate air to prevent fogging and misting. It’s well designed and should be quite ergonomic to your face, and has a number of features to help airflow. Ebay also pulled up a cheap pair of GMX MX01 Enduro Quad Dirt Bike MX Motocross Gloves for £8.99. The gloves dirt bikes pictures on the advert looked impressive and ebay is ideal for this, where other small ad sites can be patchy. These gloves are CE approved to provide you with ultimate safety features. With a neoprene cuff, breathable mesh construction and reinforced thumb, palm and inset your hand should feel well protected inside such a motocross glove.

Time to visit, which has a number of motocross and dirtbike armor options. The first of which was some MADHEAD Motocross Body Armor, with prices between £59.95 – £69.95 dependent on size. This model Conforms to CE Norm EN 1621-1, and has adjustable body length settings ideal for us mis-shaped riders. Includes lightweight deflection panels, fully adjustable front and rear shoulder connections and of course is fully ventilated. Do be sure of sizes when buying this type of item, as buying the wrong size will be very uncomfortable. Getgeared also had MADHEAD motocross knee protectors for sale as well. Which incorporates an ergonomic design and jointed leg hinges to ensure maximum flexibility. The comfort foam padded liner and velcro leg straps provide a perfect fit. The pair was on sale for £19.99.

Another site to investigate for cheap motocross gear was, that had the Oneal M-10 Boot on a sale offer for $69.95. Which isn’t bad when you consider the RRP is $149.95. What does the dirtbike boot have? Ok well- an injection molded shin plate, leather construction and an Aluminum, adjustable four buckle closure system. A leather heat shield, full-length steel shank and an ankle / shifter plate, side plate and buckle protector for great foot and lower leg protection., also offer cool womens dirt bike gear and other girl dirt bike gear for the track and casual wear too. For example we found a 2009 Fox Racing Womens Elite Jersey for $49.95. With moisture dispersing polyester main body, plus pinhole mesh inside the elbows which offer upper body airflow and multi panel padded elbows follow you’re every move. Another comfortable vented rear paneled jersey from fox, but designed specifically for the female figure.

The bargain of the day however had to be from We came across a pair of O'Neal Racing (2008 Model)A-10 pit bike Pants for $29.99. Naturally it was in a closeout sale, but great if you need a cheap item of dirt bike gear. With 600 Denier Cordura construction and zippered legs – to turn them into shorts. They are more casual wear than track pants, but still incorporate flexible ribbed Spandura panels and four tuff pockets.

So as you can see we had a worthwhile day searching for cheap motocross gear on the web, and if you take our recommendations you should find something of great value and at a cut-price.

MotoGP 2011: Class Applications for 2012 Season

Eleven teams comprising 16 riders have now been invited to participate in the next stage of selection for the 2012 MotoGP World Championship.

On April 30th 2011, the FIM announced that 13 teams containing 21 riders, not currently participating in the MotoGP class, had been provided with terms and conditions for participation in 2012. Those teams were invited to confirm their interest and submit comprehensive details of their plans for participation to IRTA. The deadline was Saturday May 14th.

During the Le Mans event the applications were reviewed by IRTA and Dorna. Eleven teams comprising 16 riders have now been invited to participate in the next stage of selection. These teams have until Friday June 3rd, to lodge a security deposit with IRTA.

At the Catalunya Grand Prix Dorna and IRTA will decide which teams will then be offered a contract of participation for 2012. Teams applying to participate in the CRT category will also need to have their application approved by the Grand Prix Commission members. Following the Catalunya Grand Prix a list of accepted teams will be published.

Its Realy Motocross Gear

Affordable equipment.

Cheap motocross gear is available if you know where to look. Auction websites can be a good starting point, and so can clubs and fan-sites. Always check for knocks and damage, and if your not happy don’t buy.

There are a lot of non branded cheap motocross gear out there, and this maybe ideal if your beginning or not into the whole fashion statement issue. If you can wholesale is the best to buy, but this can sometimes be near impossible unless you know someone in the trade. Ideally check out the stores, internet and normal local shops and see if sales are being advertised, bargains are there, its just a matter of finding them.

cheap motocross gear When seeking out cheap motocross gear for your dirt bike experience, you’ll notice quality buys can be available and so can cheap bike dirt gear rubbish. On the whole though you should be spoilt for choice, its only when buying used dirt bike gear, from ebay and other private adverts you need to be extra careful.

Dirt bikes can be demanding, and you will be surprised how much your dirt bikes cheap gear gets punished.

So where can you buy cheap motocross gear ? Well first stop was the always popular, Where we came across a 2009 Thor AC Vented Jersey for $38 (on sale of course), only a small discount, but these jerseys have padded elbows and a vented mesh construction. Plus being made from a moisture wicking polyester micro-fiber and a grippy silicone tail print keeps the thor jersey from becoming untucked.

Overall a lighter and breathable item, when you have your body armor on. Also while we were at slyfox a 2008 Oneal MX2 Gear Bag was on offer for $54.99. Not a bad price for a dirt bike gear bag, this buy includes a 420 rip stop nylon construction, mesh venting in the main compartment and some Heavy duty zippers to keep this reliable and ready for that muddy gear.